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  • Dog Strips Machine

Dog Strips Machine


Dog Strips Machine is used to produce meat strip and jerky strip for dogs. The final dog strip has high meat and protein content, which are healthy to dog’s growth.

No sausage casing is used, but still could keep even shape and smooth surface.

Jerky Strip Machine is equipped with a special screw, which is driven by motor and transducer.

On Dog Jerky Machine, while changing molds with different shapes, various kinds of products can be produced, such as round, square, heart, triangle, etc.

Pet Strip Machine could increase the production efficiency and reduce the labor cost.

Meat Strip Machine has high extruding power to extract the materials stably, also the speed can be adjustable.

The whole machine is made by stainless steel 304 to meet food grade.

QL-360100-300kg/hr4kw1300 x 600 x 1460mm

Dog Strip Machine

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