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  • Granola Bar Processing Line

Granola Bar Processing Line


Granola Bar Processing Line is multi-funtional for making cereal bar, candy bar, sesame bar, muesli bar, granola bar, peanut bar, fruit bar, chocolate coating cereal bar, etc.

Firstly, dry materials are blended with syrup and oil to create a cereal mass. The materials are mainly oats, puffed rice, peanuts, of course, other grains or slit dried fruit are often added in.

The cereal mass is fed into the Feeder & Spreader System via the inclined conveyor of snacks bar machine.

The Feeder & Spreader, including a feed tank and 4 contra-rotating rolls, process the cereal mass into a loose panel of constant thickness.

The Enforced Compression Rolls provide a consolidation of the cereal panel to meet the requirement.

Coolers ensure the cereal mass together and crispy, but the cooler is not standard. As material’s features, coolers can be cooling tunnel or air cooling conveyor.

Next the granola bar are divided by a divider to keep each one has a space.

The Cross Cutter System cuts the cereal panel into the final cereal bar with the same dimension.

If needed, chocolate can be coated and cooled by Chocolate Enrobing Machine.

Muesli Bar Production Line relies on gentle and accurate process to attain a perfect balance between foodstuff quality and efficient production.

Granola Bar Processing Line

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