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  • Ramen Snacks Forming Machine

Ramen Snacks Forming Machine


Ramen Snacks Forming Machine is used to produce ramen snacks with broken instant noodles as materials.

The material hopper on Granola Bar Machine has heater to keep the material's temperature, also has specific blade to evenly fill the materials to the molds.

We've used industry best practices to create a fully customizable system with state-of-the-art features. Stainless steel components and a sanitary design allow for complete wash down, while a modular design makes way for additional features.

Various shapes and sizes can be achieved by changing the molds. Also, we supply one mold with two shapes (same thickness) to lower the investment.

Nuts Bar Forming Machine could connect with auto packing machine to realize continuous production.

QL-560K400-600kg/hr2.5kw2600 x 1200 x 1350mm

Ramen Snacks Forming Machine

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