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Cereal Bar is one kind of healthy food to well keep materials nutrition (such as rice, nuts, peanuts, almonds, etc). It is hot-sales and popular snacks food in many countries. Dragons Machine has developed several models of Cereal Bar Forming Machine to meet different customer’s requirements.

QL-360 Snacks Bar Forming Machine is small version with capacity 120-260kg/hr, and suitable to customers who just starts the business. This machine is fully mechanical controlled, and easy to operation and maintenance.

QL-560F Muesli Bar Forming Machine is middle-sized machine with capacity 400-500kg/hr. The capacity is higher, also easy to replace the molds to achieve products with various shapes.

QL-760F Protein Bar Forming Machine is advanced version with capacity 600-800kg/hr. It is fully made by stainless steel, and the electric control part is installed on top of the belt, so it can be washable with water. High capacity with more efficient.

For more details about Cereal Bar Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

Cereal Bar Machine