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On Sep. 29, an Indian customer visited Dragons Machine for Dog Jerky Forming Machine. We made a successful test running to make star shape dog jerky, and the customer is satisfied with the test and machine.

Dog Jerky Machine is used to produce dog jerky or jerky treats with high-content meat up to 70%. After forming the good and even shape, the dog jerky are dried completely for package. This kind of dog jerky has more nutrition and less grain materials, which are popular in the pet food market.

It is unique machinery for making pet bites. With this kind of machine, various shapes could be made, for example hedgehog, crocodile, dog, bone, pork ears, cone, etc.. The shapes are extremely beautiful and it's a perfect reinforcement to cats and dogs while they learn that a new activity or perform well in certain games and exercises. Additionally, we can offer unique recipes to fulfill various market requirements.

For more details regarding Jerky Treats Forming Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

Dog Jerky Machine