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Dragons Machine made a test running of 3D Snacks Machine, the real machine to produce snacks. We use two sets of extruders to form the flat pieces, then compound shapes by different molds. After fully cooling, 3D snacks are fried and get inflated. Finally are flavored and cooled to room temperature for package. It is automatic and continuous Compound Pellets Processing Line.

This 3D Snacks Processing Line  may make unique types fried snacks, like rice crustschips, lumps, pizza rolls, doritos, dependent on altering expire molds and production procedure. The manufacturing procedure includesmixing, extruding, cuttingedge, skillet, flavoring and packaging. The goods are crispy and less oil.

For more details about this Machine, please contact Dragons Machine for more details: www.dragonextruder.com.

3D Snacks Machine