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Oat Bar Forming Machine is a new design to produce cereal bar and granola bar. Comparing to traditional equipment, it has advantages like bigger capacity, unique structure, and less efficiency. The biggest advantage of this Cereal Bar Forming Machine is the molds are installed under the driving system. Thus it allows the operator to wash the machine by water with good water-proof.

The video shows the actual production of

 at a customer’s factory. From the video, we could see that Energy Bar Forming Machine has combined a mixer to mix cereals with sugar syrup, then fed directly into the material hopper. The materials are evenly filled into the mold cavities and cooled by cooling conveyor. After being ejected, all the shapes are even and nice. Then the oat bar are automatically conveyed to packing machine for sorting and feeding to three flow packing machine, thus continuous packing procedure is achieved.

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