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Dragons Machine has updated QL-70 Double Screw Extruder to produce pet food by controlled by PLC and touch screen. This Dog Food Extruder is specially designed for our Korea customer to produce dry pet food with 200-260kg/hr. This extruder has friendly interface on 10’ touch screen with water-proof protection. Also, all the settings can be easily made by the PLC and touch screen. More easy and convenient on machine’s operation, also equipped with complete and reliable alarm function to inspect the machine’s performance.

Pet Food Extruder work continuously, producing high volume to satisfy rigorous production deadlines. Qunlong Machinery are made for quick, simple changeover and cleaning between functions. Extrusion pet food production is flexible, for use to a broad variety of input material kinds. Additionally, extrusion can create many distinct types of final product concerning shape, texture and colour.

For more details about this PLC controlled twin screw extruder, please contact us for more details.

Dog Food Extruder

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