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Dragons Machine has installed six sets of Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine successfully. This Cowhide Bone Pressing Machine is used to press dog chewing bone with rawhide as raw materials. The feature of rawhide bone press is high speed and safety protection. As the customer’s feedback, only 4 seconds, one rawhide bone can be made. Thus 900 pieces can be achieved, also the chewing bone has same size and even shape. The safety device well protects the operator. Once checking the operator’s hand is under the mobile mold, the device will shut down the power without any movement.

Currently for Ox Skin Bone Machine, we have several models as choices: press pressure with 35ton, 63ton, 80ton and 120ton. The bone length can be 1.5-12 inch. For more details about Cowhide Bone Press, please contact Dragons Machine.

Rawhide Bone Pressing Machine