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We made a test running for a Spanish customer, who wants to produce bird seed bar. The machine we use is QL-360F Snacks Bar Forming Machine with a round mold. The mold cavity has the size of length 12.5 x diameter 2.5cm. We use wheat berry as materials and edible gum as binder to form the bird seed bar. The wheat berry are mixed with edible gum, and fed into the mold cavity. A pressing mold will press the materials and come into bar shape. Next, the materials are being cooled down by a cooling device to get hard. Finally, the bird seed bar are ejected and fallen on a conveyor.

Normally, Cereal Bar Forming Machine is used to produce cereal bar, muesli bar or energy bar. We have made an innovation usage on this machine to make bird seed bar, also the Spanish customer feel satisfactory about the test.

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