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The global cereal bar market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.9% during the forecast period to reach a market value of USD 15.35 billion by 2023. Cereal bars are considered healthy alternatives to other snacks, as they contain high protein and fiber content. The increasing popularity of cereal bars among all age groups supports the growth of this market.

We could see that the higher requirements are increased in the market, so the cake is becoming bigger and bigger. We, Dragons Machine, have developed Cereal Bar Machine to meet different requirements.

Basically, Muesli Bar Machine is divided into two sections, one is molding machine and another is cutting machine. While the materials have better mobility, weak stickness and small particle size, it is suitable to use Energy Bar Molding Machine. While the materials have poor mobility, strong stickness and big particle size, it is suitable to use Granola Bar Cutting Machine. Also, we could supply complete solutions to work with Muesli Bar Molding Machine or Protein Bar Cutting Machine, including Material Preparing System, Chocolate Coating Device and Packing Machine.

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Cereal Bar Machine