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Twisting dog snacks is a difficult for most pet food manufacturers, who still realize twisting procedures by workers manually. This has reduced the efficiency deeply, also the production cost is higher (at least 3 workers are needed to do this job: 2 workers twisting and 1 worker cutting). In the market, there has a few so-called “twisting machine” to make twisting dog snacks, but unfortunately, there truly exists many mechanical damage, like materials leakage, difficult to clean, over-temperature, etc.

Under this situation, Dragons Machine has successfully developed a new Twisting Machine to make twisting dog snacks. This machine could well connect with Dog Snacks Machine, and realize nice twisting pet treats. The twisting pet treats can be one color or two color, only change the mold, and no need make other adjustment. Also the sealing can be say the safest one without any leakage. Very easy to clean the machine without by only disassembling the molds and connection pipes.

Twisting Dog Snacks Machine has been installed and make successful operation at a customer’s factory, and the picture is the samples. For more details about Snacks Extrusion Machine and Twisting Dog Snacks Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

Dog Snacks Machine