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Bread crumb is usually used as an additive for meatloaf or a coating for deep-fried food, such as beefsteak, chicken leg and wing, shrimp, etc. It has the flaky, airy texture to ensure the final fried food attaining the crispy, tasty cover.

Breadcrumb Production Machine

Breadcrumb Production Machine can produce various bread crumb,such as granular Western Bread Crumb, flaky Panko Japanese Bread Crumb, snowflakes bread crumbs, etc. by changing screws, dies and some parameter setting. We use wheat flour as materials, firstly is blended sufficiently in flour mixer (Blending sufficiently ensures high quality of final bread crumbs). Then they are evenly sent into twin-screw extruder to be prepared at high temperature and high pressure in a short time to attain a total gelatiniztion state. After the process of cutting, crushing, sifting, drying, and crushing, the final bread crumbs will be for sales.

For more details regarding Bread Crumb Making Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.