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Dragons Machine just finished a Toasting Machine, which is an important equipment to produce corn flakes.

Top quality Corn Flakes Processing Line with most competitive Cost and world class Solutions for Corn Flakes to hammer and Then convert the extruded pellets to flakes.

In the above picture, the top-right one is corn flakes just being tablet, which is very slim and dry. Then the flakes enter the toaster with high temperature of 180-220 degree celcius. Thus the flakes are being inflated within a very short time and get bubbles on the surface, like the picture on the bottom-left.

Dragons Machine provides complete systems for all sorts of traditionally flaked and midsize breakfast cereal, such as advanced and high-value co-extruded cereals. 

For more details about Corn Flakes Equipment, please contact Dragons Machine: www.dragonextruder.com

Corn Flakes Equipment