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In China 2018, a web star snacks food is newly launched, and called Crispy Oat Bar. People like its delicious taste, and become a hot-sales food on internet.

Dragons Machine already designed the machines to produce crispy oat bar. We use double screw extruder to produce the chips, then Cereal Bar Forming Machine to form the chips as different shapes.

The Snacks Bar Forming Machine is multi-funtional for creating cereal bar, candy bar, sesame pub, muesli bar, granola bar, burger bar, fruit bar, chocolate coat cereal bar, etc. The production line comprises Mixer Machine, Inclined Conveyor, Feeder & Spreader System, Compression Rolls, Cross Cutter, Packaging Machine.

For more details, please contact Dragons Machine for more details: www.dragonextruder.com

Cereal Bar Forming Machine