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As a Rawhide Bone Pressing Equipment Supplier, let's talk about and choose pet food equipment.

The reason why pet food finally becomes a variety of beautiful shapes is determined by the "forming" of the final process of the puffing process. The decision to shape is – the mold, what shape to choose, and what kind of mold to use. This is also an aesthetic. The problems that are common on the market today are bone type, triangle, cylindrical, cubic, etc. Although these shapes are meaningless for pets, the size of pet food particles, whether it is convenient for pets to eat and swallow is It has a direct effect on palatability. Pet dogs are too small for the particles, or the dog's grain is too large for small dogs to eat or even refuse to eat. It will hinder the normal eating habits of dogs and will be palatable. Sex plays a negative role. Moreover, the aesthetic level of the pet food granules also affects the pet owner's desire to buy. What kind of granules are preferred by the pet owner? What combination of shapes can make people look more comfortable? According to the survey data of the professional pet industry website, more than 40% of pet owners choose the pet food first, considering the shape of the particles. It is generally considered that the ellipse, the disc or the cylinder is the most acceptable, followed by the triangle. Cuboidal, bone-shaped, for other grotesque shapes, unless it is very high visibility, it is generally not easy to choose.

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