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Meat Slicing Machine is used to slice meat to very thin pieces, and could deal with chicken, pork, beef, mutton, etc. We just finished one Chicken Roll Slicing Machine and made test. From the test, we could find the sliced meat is very thin, and has same thickness. Also, the thickness can be adjustable from 2-50mm.

We currently have two of models, QL-P180-I has two paths, which deals with one pieces of meat per time, and the capacity could reach 60pcs/min. Another model is QL-P180-II and has two paths, thus it could process two pieces of meats at the same time, and the capacity is twice of QL-P180-I to reach 120pcs/min. Besides the capacity, the two models of Beef Slicer have the same quality and performance.

For more details regarding Mutton Slicer, please contact Dragons Machine.       

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