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Today I will show our workshop by a short video clip. This workshop has showed many equipment to produce puffed snacks products. From the video, we could see the important equipment to produce puffed snacks, Double Screw Extruder. We have updated the Puff Snacks Extruding Line by using Siemens touch screen and PLC as controller. Also, there has other support equipment to work with double screw extruding machine or single screw extruder, such as flour mixer, screw conveyor, grinding machine, seasoning machine, oil sprayer, etc.

By combining the equipment with different twin screw extrusion machine, we could reach different kinds of production machine for various puffed snacks, such as Corn Flakes Machine, Pet Food Machine, Macaroni Machine, Pet Treats Extrusion Machine, Baby Food Machine, Soy Protein Machinery, etc.

For more details of interested ones, please feel free to contact Dragons Machine.

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