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Nuts Bar Forming Machine is finished last week. Muesli Bar Cutting Machine can be used for producing all kinds of muesli bar and granola bar. The basic procedure of Muesli Bar Machine includes: Filling - Rolling - Cooling - Cutting - Cooling

Muesli Bar Cutting Machine has many advantages. Material hopper of Protein Bar Machine is made by food grade HMWHDPE to avoid the sticking materials, also has heater to keep temperature. The filling blade is made by PTFE, and could evenly and stably fill the materials to conveyor belt, without materials wastage. Controlled by PLC and touch screen with friendly interface. The staff could operate the touch screen  flexible and convenient. The controller languages can be Chinese, English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, etc. The roller of Granola Bar Processing Line can be accurately adjusted to meet the height of different thickness product requirement.

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