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Last Friday, we delivered a complete of Puff Snacks Processing Line to South Africa. Puff Snacks Machine can process various direct cereal based snacks with a wide variety of recipes and shapes. The basic procedure of corn snacks machine includes: Mixing - Extruding - Drying - Seasoning - Cooling

Corn Puff Extruder has many advantages. Puffed Snacks Machine leverages our unique twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible and stable. It can be quickly and economically modified to manufacture innovative new products such as inflated products, chips or bread snacks, with simple-to-install additional equipment. A wide range of raw materials and ingredients can be used by Inflating Snacks Extrusion Machine, such as refined cereals powder, exotic raw materials such as classical cereals, etc., and process flexibility to enable changes in product features (particle size, moisture or variable fat content).

For more details regarding Corn Snacks Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.