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Albert Cheung, representative of Dragons Machine, visited TFPA (THAILAND FOOD PROCESSPRS’ ASSOCIATION) on Nov. 16, 2018, and talked with president of TFPA, Mr. Limlurcha. The meeting is basis on the topic of how to combine more food related companies to work together, and contribute more for the economic growth at Mekong regions. Mr. Limlurcha appreciates the machines of Dragons Machine, and promised to introduce more members to Dragons Machine, as he believes local companies could be interested in machines like Puff Snacks Extruder, pasta machine and muesli bar machine. The meeting lasted 4 hours and ended with a big applause.

We also talked about the work principle of Granola Bar Forming Machine and its performance. Mr Limlurcha said that we are very professional. And he hope their food processing companies in Thailand can come to our factory for a long visit and learn some professional knowledge.

Puff Snacks Extruder