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Albert of Dragons Machine visited NFI (National Food Institute) on Nov. 16, 2018. The establishment of the National Food Institute was approved through cabinet resolution and it was tasked to assume a leading role in the country’s food industry. There has a food museum to introduce the history, development and trends of Thai food. Also an research institute to help food companies to test the features of kinds food. In one laboratory, there has Snacks Extrusion Machine with small capacity as a test machine.

Extruded Snacks Processing Line Produces extruded snacks in various dimensions and contours including Curls, Balls, Rings, Wheels, Tubes, Chips, Sticks, Popcorn etc. Degermed Corn Grits, Rice Grits, Potato granules etc , will be the components used. We also watched the operation of the machine and discussed related expertise. 

Snacks Extrusion Machine