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Last Friday, a complete set of Muesli Bar Cutting Machine reached my customer’s place. He has placed the Cereal Bar Cutting Machine in order, then send some pictures to us. We then found that his workshop is so big and nice one! Look at the workshop floor painted by self-leveling materials, so smooth and so bright! Wonderful place for Granola Bar Processing Line! This customer has purchased complete set of Protein Bar Forming Machine from us, which includes Material Mixing Machine, Oat Bar Cutting Machine, Double-layer Jacket Pot, Packing Machine, etc. We also could find there has included one packing machine with sorting function, thus could realize automatic feeding and packing procedures.

We’ll dispatch our technician to his place for commissioning shortly (after Chinese New Year holiday as the workshop still has not finished the voltage stabilizer). Hope our customer could earn more money with our Energy Bar Cutting Machine quickly. If you’re also interested in our machine, please contact us.